Take Your Facility Green

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Many people would like to take their facility ‘green’ but aren’t sure where to start. The process can also be overwhelming. But if you’re ready to reduce your business’ carbon footprint, there are several steps you can take. Continue to article

We all know that children, especially toddlers, are invariably in contact with floors. They may play with toys while sitting on the floor, sometimes they lie on the floor to take a nap, and sometimes they stretch out to watch television – on the floor. However, floors can be a source of contamination that can cause illness in both children and adults if it spreads to hands and fingers or is ingested. Continue to article

TORONTO — A study released today finds that workers exposed to the once-common cleaning chemical tricholoretylene (TCE) may have a significantly higher risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, according to ScienceDaily.

According to the story, the study — performed by Samuel Goldman, M.D., of the Parkinson’s Institute —analyzed the job histories of 99 pairs of twins in which only one twin had Parkinson’s disease, finding that workers exposed to TCE were five and half times more likely to develop the disease. continue to article

Greening Your Home – Get Rid of Traditional Cleaners Safely!
More and more people are becoming educated about the importance of using green cleaning products in their homes. Switching to green cleaning products is an excellent first step in choosing a more healthy life for you, your loved ones, and your planet. But did you know it’s also important to consider how you make the switch to green? It is important not to simply throw away your old, traditional cleaners. There is an environmentally friendly way to get rid of those old toxic cleaners;  read more

Considered a dermatological nuisance that was long gone, skin irritations caused by toilet seats appear to be making a comeback in pediatricians’ offices, according to research led by Johns Hopkins Children’s Center investigator Bernard Cohen, M.D.

“Toilet seat dermatitis is one of those legendary conditions described in medical textbooks and seen in underdeveloped countries, but one that younger pediatricians have not come across in their daily practice,” says Cohen, director of pediatric dermatology at Hopkins Children’s. “If our small analysis is any indication of what’s happening, we need to make sure the condition is on every pediatrician’s radar.” continue to article

City to launch pilot composting program

By Rachel Carter
© 2010 Longmont Times-Call

LONGMONT — Coffee grounds and fruit rinds. Egg shells and chicken bones.

Grass clippings and tree branches.

All that, and more, could soon go into a compost bucket instead of the trash bin.

City officials plan to launch a pilot curbside composting program this spring, with the hope of making it available citywide next year. Continue to article

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