About Us

Green Sol Chemical is a manufacturer of high-quality eco-friendly laundry and warewash chemicals based in Denver, Colorado. We lease and service dish machines and supply our specialty chemicals to the food service and healthcare industries and provide laundry chemicals and service to the lodging and healthcare industries. As a privately-held manufacturer, Green Sol Chemical is not bound by shareholder profits, which allows us to offer superior products at a more affordable price than our global competitors.

Green Sol Chemical’s mission statement is to manufacture sustainable, environmentally conscious specialty chemicals that are exceptional in performance, price, and ease-of-use. We are committed to preserving our environment by educating our customers on the cost benefits of proper product usage. We strive to use truly eco-friendly energy sources, transportation methods, and associations in our everyday business practice.

Green Sol Chemical’s philosophy centers on the safety and health of our clients’ workers as well as the environment. We will make every effort to promote products bearing green certification from an independent body*.

*Currently, the Environmental Protection agency prohibits manufacturers or distributors from promoting, labeling, or marketing disinfectants as “green certified” to U.S. customers.