Green Sol Chemical is a chemical supply firm dedicated to providing the most effective and budget-friendly green cleaning products available. The majority of our cleaning products and towel and tissue products are certified by either Green Seal, EcoLogo, or the EPA’s DfE program. We understand the two most important factors when considering institutional cleaning products, green or otherwise: they have to be budget-friendly and they have to work.

Green Sol Chemical has tested hundreds of products from dozens of manufacturers, and the end result is our lineup of the best cleaning products on the market. Our lines of green and bio-based cleaning products are among the best available. We carry green and bio-based cleaning products from Anderson Chemical, Enviro Solutions, Multi-Clean, and PortionPac.

Green Sol Chemical is also one of the premier manufacturer-direct paper distributors in Colorado. We are the exclusive distributor in Denver, Boulder, and all of Colorado for von Drehle Corporation. We carry the full line of von Drehle towel and tissue products as well as paper products from Baywest, Natural Value, and Solaris. Green Sol Chemical’s direct relationships allow us to offer paper products at prices lower than most distributors in Colorado.

Compostable liners are a product growing in popularity in Colorado. Compostable liners cost more than traditional liners, but Green Sol Chemical’s direct relationship with the manufacturer allows us to price this item more competitively than the competition. If your organization is ready to get on board with a composting program, using our compostable liners will save you money and still give you a top-quality product.